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daughter out of: Arabian Night of Mojo's X Mdenapoli The Golden Boy

I am Big Boots 'Jumpin of Mojo's, but they call me Bessie.
I was born out of the last litter from Angie and i was lucky that i could stay with my mum.

I am really a funny girl..always happy...
Accually too much happy...haha..I am always running and chasing the others in the house...
Like a german shepherd..hahaha
But okay..on the otherhand i am very sweet..and i am always making up with Monique..give her a hug...and than all is forgotten..hahahaa

As soon as i have new stories..you can read it at this page...

Mdenapoli The Golden Boy


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Arabian Night of Mojo's



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Goes 17.04.2010 3rd place Excellent Junior Class Judge: Mw. A.v.d. Heuvel-Cowan (UK)
Hoogstraten 10.01.2010 3rd place Excellent Junior Class Judge: Dhr. G. v.d. Bosch (B)
Bleiswijk 08.11.2009 1st place Puppyclass Judge: Mr. P. Harding
Zwolle 03.10.2009 2nd place Puppyclass Judge: Mr. B. Bosch
Maastricht 26.09.2009 2nd place Puppyclass Judge: Mr. G. Godfrey
Clubshow Mol 20.09.2009 2nd place Puppyclass Judge: Mw. D. Mantle
Clubmatch Baronie 05.09.2009 2nd place Puppyclass Judge: Mw. A. Wijnsouw & Dhr. P. Roosenboom
Mechelen 22.08.2009 1st place Babyclass, Best Baby Judge: mr. Carlos Salas Melero (SP)

26 months

11 months

9 months

8 weeks and 6 weeks


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