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Daughter out ofCool Breeze Kinibox X Otella Lil Gangsta of Guardian (imp USA)

I was born at Bullsecrets as Milk and Cookies. First my callname was Cookie, but that had to change, because all the Mojos thought of getting a Cookie as soon as Monique called my name..
Than it became MC (from Milk & Cookies)

I am a very happy puppy and full of energy...
I love to play with Sushi..and she keeps me busy all the time..We do pulling games, and of course I let her win :) LOL

My daddy Huff lives here too...I love it that I can hug and kiss him..and we understand each other so well...of course..mommie's and daddie's always understand their babies the best.. :)

That's all for now...I am 4 months right now..so there is not that much to tell about me...But of course when I am older this story about me will be bigger...
Sweet Kisses

Otella Lil Gangsta of Guardian (imp. USA)
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CH Cherokee Mardel Sage
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Jody v.h. Houkje
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Two Rivers Back for Good



Here I am with Moses..the English Mastiff

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