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son out of: Mylobull Tessie O'Shea X Wedgebury Leo

I was born in England at Mylobull and got the name Mylobull The Saint, but now they call me Tommy. I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers and they still live in England
When i arrived over here, i felt comfortable right away. I have discovered everything in and around the house.
I enjoy staying here and in Boots i found my soulmate and i am already hooked on her. I prefere sleeping next to her and we play as much as we can together.
Further on i am a 'water bulldog'..... I am always playing in the water...accually i have to drink that water..but i rather play with it...I go with both feets, my legs and head in the water and splash a lot...Monique always stays ready with a towel... to make me dry again (but she always has to laugh about me..) So in a short time i have set my footprint at Mojo's....

In the meantime there is more to tell about me....
I am a normal quiet boy...with a few times a day my running hour...I drive the girls crazy with my stunning runs..yes the girls in the house like me very much...I clean some ears & backs now and than...I am really very sweet for them all..
I like the puppies..but show them first that i am tougher than them...They need to know that they can not just bite me with their sharp teeth...But as they respect me...i am very sweet for them....

Further on i really think that food is not important...don't like it at all..Monique tried everything..but i only eat when i think it is time...I always tell her that i live from all the love of the girls..

I also sired some nice litters...and must say.."I like that job" :)

[ Health & DNA tested ]

Wedgebury Leo CH. Medbull Gold Dust over Kelloe CH. Kelloe Angel Dust Lynmans Living Legend
Kelloe Alum Chine
Bullycraft Ike's Girl CH. Petworth Harvey at Nobozz
Tuff'N Trusty Golden Girl
Wedgebury Eskimo Nell CH. Amurton Dirty Harry at Kingrock CH Kingrock Buster
Sophisticated Sophie of Amurton
Wedgebury Rosie Rainbow Aldridge Adam
Tuffnuts Tasty
Mylobull Tessie O’Shea Rohene Rick O'Shea at Mylobull Kofyn Kawtcha Looking CH Medbull Gold Dust over Kelloe
CH Macracken Golden Rain in Kofyn
Rohene Pride & Predudice Wildax Tom Foolery
Rohene Hustle Bustle
Fatal Attraction for Mylobull Kanchee Celebration Esclusham Bachelor Boy for Kanchee
Kanchee Midnight Melody
Romper Ripley Sutus Lamplighter
Truely Royal


Hulten 06.06.2010 2e Uitmuntend Open Class Judge: mw. A. Wijnsouw
Groningen 07.03.2010 3rd Excellent Intermediair Class Judge: Dhr. E. Wieldraaijer
Hoogstraten 10.01.2010 Excellent Intermediair Class Judge: Dhr. G. v.d. Bosch (B)
Den Bosch 06.12.2009 1st Excellent Intermediair Class Judge: Mrs. M. Peacock (UK)
Bleiswijk 08.11.2009 1st Excellent Intermediair Class Judge: Mr. P. Harding
Clubmatch EBCN 26.10.2009 2nd Excellent Intermediair Class Judge: Mw. E. van Honschoten
Dortmund 18.10.2009 1st place Excellent Intermediair class Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH -CAC-CACIB-BOS & BUNDESSIEGER 2009 Judge: Mr. B. Bosch
Zwolle 03.10.2009 2nd placeExcellent Intermediair class Judge: Mr. B. Bosch
Maastricht 26.09.2009 2nd place Excellent Intermediair class Judge: Mr. G. Godfrey
Clubshow Mol 20.09.2009 3rd place Excellent Intermediair class Judge: Mw. D. Mantle
Clubmatch Baronie 05.09.2009 1st place Intermediair class BOS, BOB, Winner Group 2, en 3rd Best In Show!! Judge: Mw. A. Wijnsouw & Dhr. P. Roosenboom
Mechelen 22.08.2009 1 Excellent & Res.CAC/Res.CACIB Intermediair Class Judge: mr. Carlos Salas Melero (SP)
Lokeren (B) 19.07.2009 2 Excellent Junior Class Judge: Mw.  N. Timmermans-Kadenko
Echt 04.07.2009 1Excellent JuniorClass, Best Junior Male & Junior CC
Judge: Dhr. J.vd.Berg (NL)
Genk 28.06.2009 3 Excellent Juniorclass Judge: Dhr. E. Schogol (GE)
Oss 14.06.2009 2 Excellent Junior Class Judge: Dhr. E. Wieldraaijer
Arnhem 01.06.2009 1 Excellent Junior,  Best Junior Male & Junior CC Judge: Mr. J. Williams (NL)
Goes 26.04.2009 1 Excellent Junior, Best Junior Male & Junior CC Judge: Mrs. J. Simcic(SLO)
Hoogstraten (B) 22.02.2009 1 Excellent Junior, Best Junior Male, Best Junior Dog & 2nd place Ring of Honour Judges: Mr. Harry O'Donoghue (IE)
Dhr. G. van den Bosch (B)
Eindhoven 08.02.2009 2 Excellent Junior Judge : Mrs. M. Blaha (A)
Amsterdam Winner 29.11.2008 1 VP Best Puppy Judge: Mr. A Brace (UK)

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