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daughter out: Miss Modesty of Mojo's X Kenmilquin Dirty Den by Mdenapoli

I am Baby steps on the Juice of Mojo's, but they call me Boots.
I got this name by the fact that i was a very quick girl in the litter and i always want to make speed by crossing in the garden and in the house. There for my name: Steps on the Juice!!
Further on i am recognizable by waggling my tail. I am a happy girl. I have a strong character and if I want something i just want to get it.

I can bark and yell as the best!! . I like to play with  Pippy and aunt Angie, and ofcourse i am a lucky girl because i could stay with my mum Nena so i can always give her a hug if I want.  Furhter on i am a little bit grown up right now...and they call me mrs. Hug, i like to hug whole day....Playing i still do with Pippy...She is the terrorist in the house..and i like that!!..hihihii...We are like 2 hurricanes in the house from time to time..

Kenmilquin Dirty Den by Mdenapoli
Kamp. Merriveen Touch of Frost Wereld Kamp. Merriveen Make my Day
Merriveen Quite Contrary
Chezstell Theme for a Dream Kingrock Do it Yourself
Mitchdean Diamond Red
Miss Modesty of Mojo's Calibra Calvin Klein Calibra Classic Gold
Calibra Sillk'n Lace
Blossom Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls


Arnhem 01.06.2009 Excellent Juniorclass Judge: Dhr. J. Williams
Hoogstraten 22.02.2009 1 Excellent Juniorclass, Best Junior female Judge: Mr. H. O'Donoghue (IE)
BEBC Mol 21.09.2008 3 very promising puppy class Judge: Mw. J. Brighton (UK)
Uden 29.06.2008 1 VP Babyclass, Best Baby & Best Baby in Show. B.B.I.B. & B.B.I.S Judge: Dhr. J. Williams
Judge: Mw. P. Runderkamp
Hulten 15.06.2008 1 VP babyclass, Best Baby female Judge: Dhr.P. Roosenboom

10 months of age Boots just 10 months of age    

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