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daughter out of: Go with the Flow of Mojo's X Merriveen That's Mine

I am Girl Nextdoor of Mojo's, but they call me Mimi.
My mother is Pip and my father is Miner Accually i was raised by my aunt Angie. She adopted me when i was born, because my mom had no milk. So the first moment i was allone...and the second moment i had 7 brothers and sisters.
So now i have 2 mothers, who will hug me and look after me. That is a good felling!
I also am the 'benjamin' of the family ...Let's hope it stays that way...

I am a very happy and playful girl..and like to run and play with Bessie...
But i also like to sleep...just like my grandmom..So i look more at her than at my mom...hahah

But okay...what would you do if you could have the sofa for yourself??...well...i jump on it..and gonna be lazy..hahaha

Merriveen That's Mine (Imp. UK) Merriveen Match
of The Day
UK CH & WW Merriveen Make My Day UK CH Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Milady
Hyten High Priestess of Luvpull UK CH Medbull Gold Dust over Kelloe
Wyecaple all in the Game with Hyten
Merriveen Touch
of Alice
(litter sister UK CH Merriveen Touch of Frost)
UK CH & WW Merriveen Make My Day UK CH Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Milady
Merriveen Quite Contrary UK CH Ocobo Tully
Meriveen Mary Mary

Go with the Flow of Mojo's


Kenmilquin Dirty Den by Mdenapoli CH. Merriveen Touch of Frost UK CH & WW Merriveen Make My Day
Merriveen Quite Contrary
Chezstell Theme for
A Dream
Kingrock Do It Yourself
Mitchdean Diamond Red
Miss Modesty of Mojo's Calibra Calvin Klein Calibra Classic Gold
Calibra Silk'n Lace
Blossom Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls


Groningen 07.03.2010 2nd place Junior Class Judge: Dhr. E. Wieldraaijer
Rheinberg 28.02.2010 2nd place Junior Class, Res.Anw. Dt.Jug.CH.VDH Judge: Dhr. S. Stefik (SK)
Eindhoven 07.02.2010 1st place Junior Class, Best Junior Female & Junior CC Judge: Dhr. H.W. Hagen (N)
EBCN JH DAY 31.01.2010 1st place Junior Class, Best Junior Female Judge: Dhr. D.J. Baars
EBCN CLUBMATCH 26.10.2009 1st place puppyclass Judge: mw. A. Wijnsouw
Clubmatch Baronie 05.09.2009 1st place puppyclass  Best Pup & 3rd Best Pup in Show Judge: Mw. A. Wijnsouw & Dhr. P. Roosenboom
Luik 27.07.2009 2nd place puppyclass Judge: Dhr. M. Hjort (N)
Lokeren 19.07.2009 1st place puppyclass Judge: Mw.  N. Timmermans-Kadenko

14 months

11 months

7 m

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