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daughter out of : Miss Modesty of Mojo's X Kenmilquin Dirty Den by Mdenapoli

I am Go with the Flow of Mojo's...or Pippy, that is how they call me...

I am the most happy one in the house...And i like to have all the attention.
Mostly i try to show my charme and that works out fine!
I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers, but they have found new lovely homes...Only I stayed with my mother...I am very happy with that, because now I can always hug her and play with her and the other bullies in the house...

I am very spoiled by my mother and aunt Angie
.The only one who I have respect for is my grandma Tooske and ofcourse Monique. 
I also do well in the showring. I like this very much... All the attention is really great..And Monique has a hard job to handle me, because i always want to play with my 'bulldog neighbour' next to me in the ring

In the meantime I also became a mommie, and was lucky that my sweet Mimi stayed with me. A big daughter who is very sweet...but that is not a surprise with such a mom and dad as she has..:)

Kenmilquin Dirty Den by Mdenapoli (Imp.UK) Kamp. Merriveen Touch of Frost Wereld Kamp. Merriveen Make my Day
Merriveen Quite Contrary
Chezstell Theme for a Dream Kingrock Do it Yourself
Mitchdean Diamond Red
Miss Modesty of Mojo's Calibra Calvin Klein Calibra Classic Gold
Calibra Sillk'n Lace
Blossom Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls


Rotterdam 29.08.2009 2 Excellent Open Class (10 entries) Judge: mr. Z. Brankovic (SLO)
Mechelen 22.08.2009 2 Excellent & Res.CAC/Res.CACIB Open Class Judge: mr. Carlos Salas Melero (SP)
EBCN JH-dag 04.12.2009 2nd place Judge:
BEBC Mol 21.09.2008 3 Excellent Intermediair (13 entries) Judge: J. Brighton (UK)
Uden 29.06.2008 2 Excellent & Res.CACIB Intermediair Judge: Dhr. J. Williams
Hulten 15.06.2008 3 Excellent Intermediair Judge: Dhr.P. van Montfoort
Gent 24.02.2008 2 Excellent Intermediair Judge: Mw. A. Class
Eindhoven 10.02.2008 2 Excellent Junior Judge: Dhr. G.v.d. Bosch
Moeskroen 26.01.2008 1 Excellent Junior, Best Junior in Breed Judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom
Den Bosch 09.12.2007 1 Excellent Junior, Best Junior in Breed & Junior CAC Judge: Mrs. P. Perkins
Amsterdam 24.11.2007 3 Excellent Jugde: S. Garside
Maastricht 29.09.2007 2 VP Puppy Jugde: Mr.s G. Biddle-Edwards
Mol 16.09.2007 2 VP Puppy Jugde: Mrs. M. Mortham
Baronie 09.09.2007 1 VP Puppy & B.P.I.B. & B.P.I.S. Jugde: Mr. P. Roosenboom
Mechelen 18.08.2007 2 VP Puppy Judge: Mr. V. van Raamsdonk
Berghem 11.08.2007 1 VP Puppy & B.P.I.B. Jugde: Mrs. I. Ostenk-Schenk
Almere 16.06.2007 1 VP Puppy & B.P.I.B. & 4th B.P.I.S. Judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom
Judge: Mrs. T.H. Pillement
Familyday BulldogClub
1st Puppy out of 19 entries Judge: Mr. J. Nattrass

Pip head, 24 months Pip 24 months

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