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Tooske...1 year old


daughter out of: Noah X Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls

My name is Blossom, but everybody calls me Tooske. I was born at the Bullenbende. They say I am a very busy girl...and I always want a lot of attention. If itīs possible I want to go along from home whole day.  Often we go out for a walk and I never get really tired.

But when I have to get rest, I go asleep....although I rather be with Monique whole day.....
Lately I terrorise my kids Angie, Jazz and Nena......thatīs very amusing....... Sometimes I am a jealous girl, and prefere nobody nearby Monique.
Monique tells me not to act like that...and now I am nice for everyone...but I am still the boss...
I have had 2 litters, and now 3 daughters of me are living in the house...This are Angie, Nena and Jazz. Now i am retired....
By the way: I can talk!!

In the meantime i am a granny and retired, but i am still the big boss at Mojo's!!


Acapulco of the Tivoli Bulls Int. Kamp. Lucs Amigo of the Tivoli Bulls Aberdon Luc of Kelloe (Imp. UK)
Dixieland v.h. Slaghek
Bits and Pieces of the Tivoli Bulls Copthorne Lifesaver (Imp. UK)
Miss Britannia of the Tivoli Bulls
Noah Kizmo Jedy
Sharon v.d. Blauwe Heuvel
Lucky Red Firestone Tyron


Familiedag BulldogClub 4th Place of 19 entries Junior  
Hulten 13.06.2004 4 Excellent Junior Judge:
Lommel 06.06.2004 2 Excellent Junior Judge:
Goes 24.04.2004 3 Excellent Junior Jugde:
Antwerpen 17.04.2004 2 Excellent Junior Judge:
Leiden 20.03.2004 2 Excellent Junior Jugde:
Hoogstraten 13.03.2004 1 VP Puppy, B.P.I.B. & 2nd B.P.I.S. Judge: Mr. V. van Raamsdonk

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